Getting Out Of A Funk

3 Ways Of Getting Out Of A Funk

Now, a funk isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes being in a funk is giving us information about some part of our life that isn’t working right. And by this news can we start to redirect it – as either a parent or a kid – to get back in our greatness zone. The goal is to never let the funk settle in and take up long-term residence.

Getting Out Of A Funk

To learn from the funk, then let it go, consider these 3 steps – Review, Rethink, Respond:

  1. Review. Check in on things. What is making you unhappy, uncomfortable or unproductive – what is inspiring your funk? Make time to look at your situation from all angles. State the facts. Try to be impartial and unemotional – just gather information. All meaningful solutions to be released from a funk (or to solve any problem) will be based on knowing the facts – impartially and without judgment – through reviewing the situation.
  1. Rethink. Once you know the facts, focus on understanding them and learning from them. What new options come to mind? What lessons are important? What could be done here to change things? You know the adage, “if you always do what you have always done, you’ll always get what you have always gotten.” Challenge your pattern thinking – of always responding in the same way (get angry, take it out on others, justify that you earned your funk and want to keep it). Instead, rethink (create) options that are more meaningful, healthy and different.
  1. Respond. Once you are clear about what is going on and have options, you can select the best option and act on it. Be intentional. Be determined. Act. Start small, but do something. Action through intention matters.

I’ll admit that sometimes it is hard to have the clarity to do the Review, Rethink, Respond approach. In those cases I go right to my “Don’t Get Me Down” list (I recommend we each have this kind of list – to be able to keep our heads above water when we feel the tides of life are rising). This list has things that I can do in the very next moment to change my perspective enough to be open to review, rethink and respond. 

Consider what works for you

  1. I go do something I love. For me, 10 minutes in the garden can change my outlook about virtually anything.
  2. I go to one of my inspirational readings to refocus on what is important and to get my mind away from my pity party.
  3. I watch The Daily Show or some other short comedy. Laughing is great de-funking activity.
  4. I connect with someone who has a positive and upbeat perspective to be around someone happy and sane.
  5. I go for a coffee – or just physically change the environment.

Funks and moods are part of life. Most of the time they are important in helping us assess the quality of the events in our lives. So, if a great life is our daily objective, watching and learning from our funks is important.

Review, Rethink, Respond is my approach to learning from my funks. Funks can visit and teach me something, but they are no longer allowed to stay.