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The 3AboutMe Talent Assessment has been designed and tested for years and is finally available TODAY for FREE! Most people pay $29 or more for assessments like this one. 

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Most people feel trapped in their jobs. Imagine finding a job or career that gets you excited to get to work each day – a place that lets you do what you do best – a place that makes you feel capable, confident and successful. Impossible? Read on...ent has been

“Just took the 3AboutMe assessment and was amazed at how accurate it was! A big thanks to Jay Forte for sharing this invaluable tool!”

CYNDI DENIG- Digital Strategist

A Strength Based Approach

The Career Possibilities process was developed to align your core talents with in-demand industries. Studies show that people whose talents and passions align to their job or career show superior performance. When you naturally excel at something and you love to do it, you are massively more effective in the workplace. Once you take the Assessment, you’ll receive your InsideOut Selfie – your Assessment report: it shares what you look like from the inside out (your hardwired talents and strengths).

The Process is Based On Facts

Gallup's research shows that people who know and use their strengths are more engaged and are better performers. In a study of 65,672 employees, Gallup found that workers who received strength-based feedback had turnover rates that were 14.9% lower than for employees who received no feedback. Companies that want to boost productivity and innovation must help employees apply their natural abilities to the day-to-day requirements of their role. Implementing a strengths-based approach often demands a fresh mindset; the old ways won't do.

A Word From the Author

"I’m Jay Forte, Creator of the 3AboutMe Talent Assessment and author of The Greatness Zone and Fire Up! Your Employees. I am excited for you to try this unique strength-based talent assessment tool! We offer it for free so that you can start to discover your greatest abilities and build your life around what you do best."