Life Lessons

5 Really Important Life Lessons I Learned This Week

Learn from what life sends you. Every situation either provides successes for you to celebrate (and learn from) or failures/challenges for you to think through (and learn from). When you stop and notice life’s events, you create the ability to learn from everything. What can this moment teach you about how to make the next one better?

School doesn’t teach us how to learn from everything

Instead, we learn to give everything labels – A or F, pass or fail, good or bad, successful or unsuccessful. We compartmentalize and therefore avoid the F, the fail, the bad and the unsuccessful; instead of seeing them as ways to learn, improve and grow.

Knowing this, how can we prepare our kids (and ourselves) to stay open, intentional and tuned in – to see life as a living classroom – to be open to learning from everything? Because if we do, our world will share some really important life lessons with us.

Here are 5 really important things life has taught me this week

  1. My own voice has greater truth for me than the loud voices of others. The world is pushy and is ready to tell us what to believe, how to act, who to be and on and on… A successful life is one where we do our own work, develop our own beliefs, then live our lives according to those beliefs. Listen to others to gather information, then determine what you know to be true for you.
  2. I always have the ability to make the world a better place. In every moment, I have an opportunity to do something for someone else. It could require great effort like standing up for them when others criticize them, or very little effort like to smile at someone as I pass them on the street. Tune in and watch how to make the things you touch better because you are here.
  3. Failure means I just learned something I didn’t know before. Mistakes are part of life and are not to be feared. Don’t let them shut you down, slow you down or unnerve you. Learn from them, shift as needed and keep going. A good life has a lot of redo’s, do over’s and retry’s.
  4. “I’m sorry,” “I forgive you,” “I love you” and “Thank you” are some of the most powerful things I can say to others. Say them and mean them. Notice the power of your words and choose those that support others in their search to live life in their best way. Be authentic and help others be authentic.
  5. “What’s next?” is a great question to use to move myself through life. Life is a series of adventures – this one is getting you ready for the next one. Tune in and watch you and your world for what is around the corner. Don’t fear change – see what it has to offer. Keep watching for opportunities to do more, be more and participate in the next great adventure.

Life is really just one big classroom – sharing big information –  if we stay open, tuned in and interested in learning. All that we need to have a great life is always in front of us – if we could just learn to see it and not label it – to stay open to it. It has amazing things to teach us.

What have you learned lately? And, how do you talk to yourself and your kids about learning from our lives and using what we learn to build a lifetime of adventures?