Be Better

A Challenge For You and Your Kids: Be Better

A great life doesn’t require being the best, the superstar, the hero – it doesn’t require perfection. A great life is one that you build by choosing to show up to the each moment of life with a commitment to constantly learn and improve – to always be better.

Life sends successes and challenges

Each success and challenge provides the opportunity to be better – to be more aware, more connected, more tuned in and more present. Successes help us see what is working so we know how to develop them further. Challenges help us see what isn’t working so we know what needs improving. Both need us to watch well, then make a personal commitment to improve, to be better.

Life requires the long view – we are in it for the marathon, not the dash. Small incremental improvements – slow and steady – have greater results, greater happiness and greater success than the crash and burn that many people experience. We build a most amazing life by showing up, learning and making a commitment to be incrementally better each day.

The Be Better Challenge

  • Be better in your work or schoolwork – think creatively, efficiently and get the details right.
  • Be better with your teammates, family members and friends – in how you support each other, how you communicate and how you care about them as people.
  • Be better in your community – in how you give of your time and effort to make your town, city or neighborhood a great place to live.
  • Be better with our planet – in how you recycle, minimize your footprint, and how you appreciate the natural beauty around us.
  • Be better in your relationships out of school or the workplace – in how you communicate, encourage and support.
  • Be better to yourself – in your self-talk, in your personal expectations and in your commitment to being all that you can be.

You control how you approach your days. Learn more. Be more responsive. Be more connected. Be more aware. Be tougher. Be more resilient. Be more creative. Be more present. Just be better. Your attention to small continual improvements will create great results.

Make a daily goal to be better. That means that you are watching where you are and what would make it better. Celebrate your improvements. And every now and then, turn back and look over your shoulder on how far you have come by making small incremental improvements – by living your commitment to always be better.

Oh, by the way – consider taking this to the next level. Imagine if we all committed to being better each day – think of the world we would create and the change we could make. Pretty awesome image.

In what ways will you be better today? How can you support those around you in their effort to be better?