Authenticity is the Key to Confident Parenting, with Aaron Kennard – RFL022

Authenticity is the Key to Confident Parenting – Episode Overview

There is a great quote – “Be an amazing original not an average copy.” Most of us want to parent like others. We check in with what they do, then we act out their script in our situation, with our kids. The results are never what we expect – how could they be when we use others’ solutions in our situations? What we really need is to be real, true and authentic – then to bring that person to every aspect of our parenting relationship. We then show up in the moment, with this kid, in this situation – and trust we can make a good decision. See, when you are in tune with who you are, you will trust yourself in all of your decisions – including your parenting decisions.

Attention and Intention

This week, my attention is on great parenting. My intention is to help you see that you have all the right stuff to be a great parent when you tune in and be who we really are. When you come from your truest self, you have access to amazing wisdom. You have just been told that others know more than you, so you follow them. Today, learn to trust and be confident in you – after all, you are truly amazing.

Meet our guest Aaron Kennard

Confident parenting with Aaron KennardAaron Kennard is an author, speaker, blogger, podcaster and founder of Truly Amazing Life.  He challenges people not to accept mediocrity, the status quo and the belief that good is good enough. Follow his 12 steps – a roadmap – for a Truly Amazing Life of how to tap into your greatness and improve the quality of each day. Find out more about this remarkable man, his books and mission at the following links:

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Episode’s Key TakeAWays

  1. Remembering who you are is the key to helping you show up as your greatest self – to you, your parenting, your relationships and your world.
  2. Make time for yourself – to discover what is different, unique and amazing about you. Our answers about ourselves are on our inside, not on the outside. We will need to tune out to tune in – tune out to the loud voices that control our thinking and directions to tune in to our own sense of who we really are.
  3. As we learn how to spend time discovering and remembering who we are, we show up more authentically – more aware of what makes us an amazing original. From this place we are better able to connect with our kids and then guide them to do this same work for themselves. And knowing ourselves, as some cultures share, is the greatest work that each of us have to do in our lifetimes.
  4. Many times a traumatic or challenging life event is what gets our attention and shifts out of our auto-pilot lives, into lives of intention, authenticity and purpose. How can we connect to lives of intention, authenticity and purpose without needing the trauma or challenge to bring us there?
  5. When you are in tune with who you are, you have access to your greatest wisdom which helps you have greater confidence in your responses to all situations – particularly parenting.

Some question for parents:

  1. How are you aware of what is best in you, and that you access this in the way you live your life and parent your kids?
  2. How are you being authentic and inauthentic – can you notice the difference and see how each makes you feel?
  3. How are you helping your kids learn how to see what is unique and amazing in them – so they can be confident in themselves as they approach each day?
  4. In what ways are you living a truly amazing life?

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Stop and Notice Challenge

Each week we ask you to stop and notice – to develop your skill of tuning in to you and your world. This week’s stop and notice challenge is:

  1. Stop and Notice how authentic you are or are not. Where are the places you are TrueYou and where are you the You-on-View? How does this affect your parenting?
  2. Stop and Notice when you are really confident. What abilities are you using – how can you use them more often?
  3. Stop and Notice how you help your kids discover and develop what makes them amazing. How can you give this more attention?
  4. Stop and Notice how you empower and support others. How can you do more of this?

The phrase, Know yourself, is the wisdom of the ancients. It is the starting point for us to show up significantly in all areas of our lives, particularly in our parenting. Our confidence comes from our authenticity.


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