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Be Unstoppable: Episode Overview

Justin Browning, educator and athletic director at Linn Middle/High School in Linn, MO, shares with Ready4Life host, Jay Forte, how his rough start growing up in a housing project with few options, taught him to be resilient in the face of challenge and inspired him to be accountable for his own life. Its an empowering story of getting to college, completing a masters degree and coming back to schools to inspire the next generation to succeed. We learn from his road and his advice for both students and parents.


Be Unstoppable, With Justin BrowningJustin Browning is a powerhouse in his school, not just in is 6’ 5’’ football player frame, but in his sincere and powerful connection with all of the students in his school. Growing up in a housing project taught Justin to dig deep and be resilient and determined. He offers this guidance throughout our conversation to today’s young adults – that no matter how tough things seem, stay focused on what you want and keep working at it. He challenges students to stand up for what they believe in and want in their lives and to never, never, never give up on a dream. Though it may be cliche to say this, Justin shows by the events in his life that resilience and determination, coupled with clarity, will bring you to the places that matter most to you.

Parents – how can you support this message with your kids?

The ‘Stop and Notice’ Challenge

This segment is about noticing your world – about stopping and noticing – about slowing down enough to intentionally see what is in front of you. Most of us don’t do this. This takes practice; this takes effort. We know that the more we practice at things, the better we become – it is the same with stopping and noticing. So, each week I’ll provide a Stop and Notice Challenge – to help you get better.

When you learn to be more intentional about what you notice, you have access to information you didn’t previously have – that information can give you greater clarity to help you make better decisions. Notice YOU. Notice YOUR WORLD. You’ll learn a lot about both.

This week’s ‘Stop and Notice’ Challenge:

  1. What is one thing that got your attention this week?
  2. When it got your attention – ask why – of all the things you could notice, why did this catch your attention?
  3. Now, with your attention, what new information did you get about you or your world. This is how to figure out how to find your fit.

Watch and listen each week for a new challenge to help you learn how to tune in and notice things in your world – it’s a great habit to have.

Notice ‘Hot Jobs’

Each week, I’ll share a job that caught my eye – a job that is growing in need and popularity. I’ll share some details about the job, like salary, education, core responsibilities and abilities needed to do the job well. You can then see whether it fits your abilities and your interests.

Ready4Life Hot JobsMobile App Developer

  • Average salary $94k
  • Required: minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in software engineering, mobile app development, mobile computing or computer science.
  • Degrees can be earned either online or  on-campus.

There is a growing demand for this field which means there is a growing likelihood of required educational or experience certifications. Great performers in this field have the following core abilities (talents): they are methodical, creative, analytical, detail-oriented, results-focused, competent, observant, precise and careful. If this appeals, search out the locations that can get you ready for this job.


Be sure you connect your career aspirations with things you are both good at and passionate about. Focus on what fits you. Listen to your own voice.

Suggested Resources

In this episode, I introduce the great book by Barbara Sher tited, I Could Be Anything If I Just Knew What It Was. Though written in 1994, it is still just as relevant as she reminds us that choosing for ourselves requires that we know our abilities and interests. She presents a candid, no-nonsense and practical approach to learning how to figure out what in life is for you. At Ready4Life, we share her focus on discovering, developing and living your abilities and interests as the way to create your own happy and successful life. She, like Ready4Life offers specific steps in how to do it. Check out the book.

And be sure to review the 12 Entry Jobs with Big Earning Potential. This is a slideshow summary on the great website.

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  • Ask The Headhunter – Nick Corcodilos – Important information about getting a job
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Key People To Follow:

  • Tom V Morris – Philosopher, Consultant to Fortune 100 companies, wise man
  • Britt Hysen – Editor in Chief of MiLLENiAL – lifestyle and cultural magazine highlighting millennials’ contribution to today’s world.

Download our Ready4Life Navigation Guide – it will explain how to use our  Ready4Life GPS – to connect you to the tools to know yourself, know your world so you can find your fit.