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Focus On Being Your Best – How To Talk To Your Kids About Passion and Potential, with Julie Kleinhans – RFL023

Focus on Being Your Best – How To Talk To Your Kids About Passion and Potential – Episode Overview

I shared this wisdom with my three daughters: Don’t worry about being THE best, focus instead on being YOUR best. Sometimes being the best still doesn’t even come close to tapping into your greatness – your potential. We can get distracted from developing our own greatest abilities by focusing on what others are doing. Potential is personal. And it is the way we see what is possible for us in life.

Attention and Intention

This week, my attention is on great parenting. This week, my attention is on potential – on living our greatest abilities. My intention is that we learn how to talk to our kids about focusing more on their potential than on the terms best, winner or victory. With this mindset, they have room to soar, to move in their unique way and to see the possibilities for their lives.

Meet our guest Julie Kleinhans

being your best with Julie kleinhansJulie Kleinhans is a Youth Empowerment and Education Mentor who believes every child is intelligent and talented. She works with educators and parents to help today’s youth become productive, confident and happy. Julie is the Founder of Mind Focus Generation, a community for parents, teachers, counselors and practitioners who want to empower youth, and the Founder and Host of the Successful Kids Revolution, a global online event whose mission is “ensuring success for every child at home and in our schools.” Find out more about this amazing and inspiring person, committed to helping our next generation succeed, at the following links:

Episode’s Key TakeAWays

  1. Notice and follow your passions and abilities. They create a smoother road in life. When these are ignored, we struggle through our work, relationships and life.
  2. Watch for the places that create resistance – these are putting the lid on our potential. Tune in and notice these so that you can make changes.
  3. The traditional school model teaches students to blend and fit in instead of to develop their unique abilities and inner greatness. This means that we have to do this work for ourselves – that parents have a critical role in helping their kids navigate life in a meaningful way – one that uses their greatest abilities and aligns to who they are. Knowing this helps parents know how to support their kids based on the messaging they are getting in school.
  4. There is a great difference between making a living (what we are taught in school) and following our life’s purpose. Our success is always greater (though not always in the world’s standards) when we connect with our potential and follow our purpose.
  5. Passions are our guideposts – they show us what lights up for us; they fuel our greatest effort. They give us great indications of where we fit in today’s world. They say – “land here, show up here, this is for you.”
  6. Parents’ core purpose is to help their kids discover, develop and live what is best in them – to know themselves, know their world and find their fit.
  7. It takes courage to talk about passion and potential. A primary responsibility of parenting is to help our kids discover and use their own voice – to make choices that fit who they are.
  8. We know ourselves better than others know us. It is our responsibility to do the work to connect what we do best with the places in our world that need what we are best at. Or, as is quoted by Frederick Buechner, “Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.”
  9. Parents have to challenge the current go-to-school-and-blend system – and to help their kids learn to discover who they are and to stand out in what is greatest and best in them.
  10. Most of us live part or a lot of our lives (hiding) in the closet – about something. We hide some part of us because we use the world as a guide to determine what is valuable and important. If we do not align to that view, we hide the very things that are important to us. Help your kids come out of their closets and not hide any part of who they are. They can’t live their potential if they hide any part of who they are. Help them embrace who they are and be proud (listen to the podcast with identity coach Rich Clemons)

Some question for parents:

  1. How are you helping your kids identify their passions and potential?
  2. How you are living your passions and potential?
  3. What are you hiding that is keeping you small; what are your kids hiding that is keeping them small?
  4. How do you talk to your kids about potential and creating a life they love?
  5. How are you being authentic and inauthentic – can you notice the difference and see how each makes you feel?
  6. How are you helping your kids learn how to see what is unique and amazing in them – so they can be confident in themselves as they approach each day?

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Stop and Notice Challenge

Each week we ask you to stop and notice – to develop your skill of tuning in to you and your world. This week’s stop and notice challenge is:

  1.    Stop and Notice whether you encourage your kids to live their dreams and be who they are, or to follow what others do. How can you change this?
  2.    Stop and Notice when your kids are passionate about something. What does this tell you about them, and what does it tell them about themselves?
  3.    Stop and Notice if you are blandly going through life, and what example this shares with your kids. What can you do to change one thing to be more connected to your passions?
  4.    Stop and Notice if your push your kids to be THE best or THEIR best. How will you help your kids focus on what is best in them?

Passions and potential are two words we should regularly talk with our kids about. Discovering their passions will clue them into their potential and their purpose. And living a life from this focus, instead of just getting a job and living like everyone else, can help your kids develop happy, successful and responsible lives.

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Julie hosts the Successful Kids Revolutions Telesummit – an annual event that brings the best parenting speakers, thought leaders and innovators into your personal space to share great ideas of how to create success environments for all of our kids.
Her new summit is coming in 2016; click here for the link to her summit in 2015 that had 24 remarkable experts – from the well known to the brilliant – all focused on helping our next generation live their potential and show up big to their lives.

Tune in to Julie for great information to help you know how to help your kids be ready for life.