Help Your Kids Learn How To Dream

Our dreams inspire our imaginations – and our imaginations are the key to constantly improving our lives and our world. As Neville states, “By imagination we have the power to be anything we desire to be.” Dream to imagine, consider and create.

Think of the imagination that shows in the music of Mozart and Beethoven, in the art of Van Gogh and Renoir, in the technology of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, in the philanthropy of Bill Gates and, in the culinary creations of Mario Batali and Bobby Flay. They dreamt, imagined and created. We can do the same.

When given the freedom to dream, we dream in areas that matter most to us. Couple our greatest interests and passions along with our abilities and we are able to move dreams and imaginations into reality. We have what it takes to constantly imagine and improve all that we touch. This is how we create our world and how our kids will create theirs – with both of us remembering it is our responsibility to keep improving our world.

Make dreaming practical

One of the activities I had my class of college entrepreneurship students do was to stop and notice a success, need or challenge about their world on their way to each of my classes. Then once noticed and shared with the class, there are to consider – or dream and to imagine–  some way to make it better. Encouraging them to dream activates their greatest abilities – they dream from their strengths. Big things become possible.

When we ask our kids to stop and notice their world – then dream about what they would want it to be – we invite them to consider what is possible. If we can dream it, we can imagine it. If we can imagine it, we can find a way to create it. As they learn this, they see that they can use it in any situation they experience in life. Dreaming opens the door to big results – to living a life they want and love. Permission to dream is something all parents should give their kids.

How to help your kids dream

Dream with them. Our kids learn more by watching than by listening, so dream with them. Invent and imagine what you want for your life, work, family and relationships. Share your dreams. Share why they are important to you. Invite them in. Not only does this help them learn how to dream, but it builds a powerful personal relationship with them by sharing what is important and personal to you.

Ask a lot of questions. Most parents tell more than they ask – we think it is our job to direct our kids instead of to guide them. When we shift to asking more than telling, we activate their thinking, their creativity and their ability to dream. By asking what they think about something, and inviting them to dream up a way that a challenge goes away or a problem gets solved helps them build their dreaming muscle. Practice makes perfect.

I am sure we have all heard at one moment in our lives that we need get our heads out of the clouds (dreaming) and get your feet on the ground (be practical). Both can survive together. Dream and imagine the direction, goal or objective, then be practical in your plan to achieve it. Teaching this to our kids early can fill their lives with possibilities. By inspiring them to dream and imagine, think of how much larger you have helped to create their worlds. What a gift from a parent…