Guiding today’s parents how to help their kids answer the questions: What now? What’s next? How do I get ready for life?

What We Do

We provide resources, tools and education to help parents help their kids learn how to make good work and life decisions – to learn to build their lives around their unique talents, strengths, passions and interests – to be ready for life.

  • Strength Based Tools

    We provide strength-based tools and a practical and easy to learn process to help you know yourself, know your world to discover places in your world that need what you do best.

  • You are in Charge

    We are different because we are not here to tell you who you should be – only you can do that. We teach you (and your parents) a process to learn how to navigate your way to finding your fit in work and life.

  • The Great Life GPS System

    Start to build your own road to a great, happy and successful life. You follow the steps when you are ready – as many or as few as you want. They guide you to know more about yourself and your world, and how to create possibilities that fit you best.

Why We Do This Work

You didn’t get an owner’s manual in life – a list of what you are good at and passionate about, to know where you fit in work and life. To figure this out, you have to learn to tune in to you and to your world – to be present, mindful and aware. Becoming mindful and aware is the key to discovering, developing and living your passions, purpose and potential. We help you tune in to you and tune in to your world.

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Who We Work With

We’re passionate about helping you find your way

Young Adults/Teens

We help you learn how to know yourself and your world, and train you in how to build your world around what you do best – to teach you how to find your road in life. (find out more…)


We teach how to partner with your teens/young adults to learn how to help them find their road in life – to know themselves, know their world and find their fit. (find out more…)

How We Work With Young Adults

Navigating through life takes some guidance, information and support. We are here to teach, guide and support. To learn how to be ready for life, follow the steps on the GPS. Click on each to read more about the step and how it will help you get ready for life.

I went to college because of what my parents wanted for me. This program gave me a better understanding of who I am and realized how many jobs fit me. I have choices I didn’t know I had.

Alex Von Svoboda
Alex Von SvobodaBishop Brady High School, NH

School was always a challenge for me because I never had any idea of what I wanted to do in the future. Becoming clearer about who I am has helped me focus in to the areas that I am strong in. I feel more successful.

Zachary Gross
Zachary GrossFlorida Atlantic University

Using the worksheets in the program, I was able to come up with the many possible careers that fit me.

Phillip Varsham
Phillip VarshamSt. Francis Preparatory, NY

I learned how to go through life with my eyes open – to notice things and hunt for opportunities.

Vanderbilt Carpenter
Vanderbilt CarpenterLynn University

Through the activities in this program I learned about what I am good at and passionate about, and was able to create a great list of job and career opportunities that fit me.

Rashad Wise
Rashad WiseBullis High School

How We Work With Parents

In a world that constantly changes, your kids need your help to find their roads in life – not to be mini versions of you, but to be true versions of themselves. We teach your kids an easy-to-learn and implement strengths-based life possibilities process; we don’t tell them who they should be, we simply share a process to help them discover this for themselves. And we need your help. See the Ready4Life GPS and click here to learn about the SuperDads and AmazingMoms retreats and programs, our parents workshops to learn how to better support your kids as they find their roads in life.

I am grateful for the impact that Jay Forte and The Greatness Zone had on my congregation. Though content was aimed at our teens, our parents and adults loved and grew from the process as well. Jay left my congregation better and way more empowered.

Rev. Dr. Nathan Swenson-Reinhold
Rev. Dr. Nathan Swenson-ReinholdSt. Stephen Lutheran Church Longwood, Florida

Watching the changes in my son has been amazing. His self-awareness has impact his clarity and his courage. He seems so much more sure of himself now.

Barbara Tomlinsen

Being a parent is tough today – trying to get our kids to talk to us about what they think. The tools in this program created room for discussion – we talk about important things now. I feel like I am getting to know my son in a new and deeper way.

Jenny R. Smith

I was a helicopter parent – always telling my kids what to do and who to be. It wasn’t easy but I now am better at asking what they think, holding them accountable and letting them start to discover who they are. I feel like I am walking with them instead of dragging them along.

Tom Stamper
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How We Work With Ready4Life Instructors

Passionate about helping today’s young adults find their way and be ready to step bolding into successful lives? Tired of your current role and wanting to make a greater impact in today’s world, or want to expand your coaching business? Become a certified Ready4Life instructor, ready to teach the Ready for Life workshops. With more of us sharing this powerful Ready For Life process, we’ll be able to better guide and support the next generation. Click here to find out more and to see our Ready4ForLife Instructor Certification programs.

  • Life Possibilities

    Our foundation workshop that teaches young adults how to know themselves and their world, and how to build connect the two to build meaningful work and life possibilities. This workshop and webshop (workshop taught on line) is for middle school, high school and college students.

  • College Connections

    If Life Possibilities guides the learner to college as one of the next steps, this workshop introduces how to connect their interests and abilities to careers and careers to majors. Its focus is to teach students how to choose wisely about college and how to get a significant return from the college experience.

  • Life Leader

    Teach today’s youth how to be the leaders of their own lives. This workshop shares how to develop the 5 core leadership skills, uniquely presented for a teen and 20-something audience. Teaching today’s youth to find their own voice and be the leader of their own life expands their connection to themselves and their impact in our world.

This program not only helped me discover my greatness and show up as the best version of myself, but I now love presenting this process to help others who struggle in the same ways I once did, find their talents, strengths and passions and show up big to their lives. It’s life changing.

Chris Eischen
Chris Eischen

In order to create a brighter world for the next generation we have to leverage the inherent gifts of our youth. Becoming a Life Possibilities instructor has given me the tools and skills to make this dream a reality.

Michael Mataluni
Michael Mataluni