The Hot Jobs, The Hot Fields

As you look at the job market, make a commitment to always know which jobs and fields are growing and which are not hiring.

Check out these to see which align to your interests and abilities.

  • Which need college and which don’t?
  • Which have a strong career path and which don’t?
  • Which have great organizations leading them and which have marginal ones?
  • Which require you to work for others and which allow you to work for yourself?
  • What jobs do you see a need for that haven’t been created yet?

New hot jobs show up all the time

Most get invented by someone who has the ability and sees a need. Maybe that could be you? And be sure to investigate the best companies to work for – this will give you an idea of who treats their employees well, provides challenging work and builds engaging workplaces.

Check out these growing fields and their corresponding roles:

  • Technology – Web design, Programmers, App developer, Software developer, Network specialist, Database administrator, Data communications analyst, Market research analysts, Information security analyst,
  • Business, Accounting and Financial Services – Management consultant, Accountant, Auditor, Forensic accountant, Logistics, Supply chain management, Financial analysis, Financial advisor, Market research analyst, Financial examiners Compliance officer
  • Retail – Retail management, High-service customer support
  • Healthcare – Physical therapy, Occupational therapist, Medical technicians, Elder care providers, Physician’s assistant, Registered nurse, Nurse practitioner, Surgeons and physicians, Researcher, Health Informatics, Home health aide, Medical assistant, Optometrist, Genetic counselor, Patient advocate, Healthcare management, Dental assistant, Dental hygienist, Family therapist, Mental health/substance abuse counselor, Pharmacy technicians, Nutritionist
  • Life Management and Education – Teacher, Online Educator, Daycare provider, Career coach, Social services staff and coordinator, Higher education administration, Interpreter/translator
  • Science and Engineering – Environmental, Civil, Mechanical, Biochemist, Biophysicist
  • Sales – Salespeople, Marketing, Web sales
  • Other – Veterinarian
  • Trades – Plumber, Electrician, Contractor, HVAC, Welding, Hardscape, Landscape, Stonemason, Home improvement, Craftman, Technology support/repair technician, Internet technician

What to look for

Start to notice the growing fields and then watch for the development of the services that support the growth, improvement, repair or development of the field. We’ll add to this list to keep you informed of the high-growth or developing fields to help you stay relevant in your choices.