How To Succeed With Challenges

Sometimes life seems to be too much. Relationships fall apart. We get sick. We fail at something at school. We get embarrassed. Life seems so unfair.

Actually, life just is – you interpret it as either fair or unfair

You can, however, get very affected by the events and situations of life. They can wear you down and trip you up – and make it difficult to land on your feet and keep going.

Without some tips on how not to let life’s events overwhelm you, you’ll just play the negative news over and over in your head. Pretty soon it goes so loud in there that you just can’t stand it. This is how life’s little events turn into big events, and big events never leave. They control the volume and ensure they get your full attention.

Between the technology and a busy life, you don’t ever get a chance to quiet things down. There is always some texting, calling, emailing or tweeting. There is always someone telling you do this, don’t do that, go here, don’t go there. Sure this is part of being in our world but for you to ever make sense of the events of your life, you’ll need to create some limits.

3 Tips to help you succeed with challenges

  1. Tune out to tune in. Tune out of your noisy, pushy and loud world to tune in to you. Build in some time each disconnected from technology and your world. Find a place to walk, sit, meditate, close your eyes, connect with nature – do something that allows you to spend quiet time with you. In creating some boundaries in life, you will give yourself the time and space to sort out life’s challenges. You can’t do this if you have the world and technology blaring in your ear every moment.
  2. Gather information. As life send you challenges, try to step out of them and look at them as an outsider. What information do you see? What options and opportunities come to light when you aren’t so involved and when you can see if more clearly, rationally, and calmly? You can see that before you can gather information, you really need to tune out.
  3. Make a plan. When you are clear, decide what you want to do and the first steps to get it done. Then go make it happen.

Notice, all of these are just ways to help you stay calm, gather information and use your best abilities to create a way to succeed with whatever life sends. Know you are braver, more talented and wiser that you sometimes think. Access this by taking the time, gathering information and building a plan. Go be great.