How To Unlock The Power Dad Inside You – With Wayne Parker – RFL008

Episode Overview

Get Your Kids Ready for Life offers powerful and practical information for both teens/young adults and parents. This episode focuses on guidance for Dads – I’ll call it Power Parenting – How to Unlock the Power Dad Inside You with the Power Dad himself and Fatherhood expert Wayne Parker. We talk the practical ways to raise happy and responsible kids and to develop our confidence as great dads. And, all the lessons and tips shared in this episode work great for moms as well.

Take away messages for parents

  1. Be predictable and consistent. Set up and support rules, behavior contracts, expectations and consequences to help kids know the rules of the road. When circumstances drive our decisions instead of principles, we can be all over the boards. Instead, define the guiding principles of the family (service, excellence, integrity, honesty, etc), and be consistent to those.
  2. Love consistently. There are 5 love languages – (See the book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman). By learning the love language of each of your kids, and connecting with them that way, you connect a deeper and more personal level. The love languages are 1) Words of Affirmation, 2) Quality Time, 3) Receiving Gifts, 4) Acts of Service, 5) Physical Touch. Which is yours, which is each of your kid’s?
  3. Communicate actively. Hearing is passive, listening is active. We spend more time preparing for our response than actually listening for what is said. Make a commitment to be more present to not only hear what is said but to fully understand what is meant, what feelings are and what message is delivered.
  4. Focus on balance. How much time do you spend in work, at home, and with yourself. Focus on balancing all aspects of life to be more present to your kids by being more connected to yourself.
  5. See the remaining Principes on Power Parenting in Wayne Parker’s book,  Power Dads, The 10 Basic Principles Successful Fathers Use to Raise Happy and Responsible Children.


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Stop and Notice

This week we have been talking being a power (effective) dad and parent. So there are two parts to this week’s stop and notice challeng:

  1. As a parent, stop and notice how consistent you are. What behavioral expectations do you create with your kids (and do they know why), and do you live to your word about them? Notice any place you are inconsistent, then determine why you are inconsistent. What will it take to improve it?
  2. Stop and notice how you connect with each of your kids. What is their love language? What are their talents and passions? What are their interests, strengths, dreams and fears? As you stop and notice how much time you connect (or don’t connect), decide what you want to keep doing that is working well, and what is one thing you can improve on if it is not going so well.

Make small improvements each day.

Hot Job – Parenting Coach

Maybe you have an interest in parenting because you came from great and capable parents – or maybe you have an interest in helping parents learn how to parent better because you came from a family whose parenting wasn’t all that good. EIther way, a parenting coach is our hot job pick this week. 

Pay rate range: 45k – $65k+

Education: degree in early childhood development, psychology, sociology or childhood education; additional coaching coursework for certification

A parenting coach guides other parents as they make decisions about raising their children. This is a relatively new business that has developed as more households consist of two working parents. Parents that are unsure how to handle certain situations may turn to coaches to get neutral, well-intentioned and personal advice. Working as a parenting coach can be a work-at-home opportunity.

The Job of a Parenting Coach

A parenting coach helps parents deal with difficult child-rearing problems and issues and provides general guidance about raising children. Some parents will approach coaches when struggling to handle a child with learning or physical disabilities. Many parenting coaches will also provide assistance to schools, daycares or hospitals. At these places, many coaches lecture about the best way to handle common child issues, such as stubbornness or fear. For more information, go to


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