Get rid of holidays

I Think It Is Time To Get Rid of Holidays…

With Thanksgiving just ahead of us, I am reminded of our tradition to take a day and celebrate a special theme. We celebrate mothers, fathers, pilgrims, veterans, workers, religions traditions, famous people and presidents. Maybe this concept has run its course…

Well, what has run its course is the holi“day” (emphasis on “day.”) If these are really important events, why do we limit the celebration to just one day? Shouldn’t we celebrate their meaning every day?

Rethinking holidays

Holi “days” aren’t cutting it. A day’s celebration is too small – too limited – to inspire the celebrated behavior for an entire year. In a world that is increasingly unkind, selfish and confrontational, couldn’t we make an improvement if we were to extend the meaning of these celebrations? Couldn’t we stay more focused on being kind, considerate, passionate, loving and respectful if we acted the way we do on those special days? No need to buy gifts. Just concentrate on the messages of the holidays and live them more often. I think this could really make a difference in life.

So my suggestion is to replace holi”days” with an “everydays” approach – a new DAILY focus on celebrating what matters most in life.

Celebrate “Everydays” by:

  • Telling (and showing) the people you love how much you love them and what they mean to you.
  • Sharing a story about your life’s successes and failures to teach someone else and make their road easier.
  • Making someone else feel important, even if you did most of the work.
  • Showing your tolerance for and acceptance of someone who does not look like you, act like you do or believe what you do.
  • Appreciating a flower, a tree, the wind, a star, rock formation or any other part of nature.
  • Saying thank you, holding a door open, letting another person or car pass ahead of you, or being kind to someone you don’t know.
  • Giving away some of your “extras” to someone who has few or no “extras.”
  • Making the phone call even when it is the other person’s turn.
  • Sharing a call, thought, card or gift with someone you love or who needs to hear from you – just because.
  • Allowing another to have an opinion different than yours, allowing them to share it and still respecting them.
  • Keeping your planet safe and healthy for those who will need it after you.
  • Smiling at someone you don’t know.
  • Being more grateful – particularly for the small stuff.

How will you regularly celebrate the very special people in your life, and those who do so much to help you have your life? What would you add to this list? Never miss the opportunity to celebrate something everyday – and let these celebrations change you from the inside out.

(Be sure to talk about this with your kids and to share it with someone who can benefit from it.)