in a rut

In A Rut? Here’s How To Make Things New and Exciting

For many, much of life feels like we are in a rut. The same job. The same school. The same weekend activities. The same food. Boring. Bland. Blah.

Here’s the thing – you can’t change what you don’t notice. So noticing that things are in a rut opens you up to asking, “What could make this better? What is something new? How could I make a change?”

See, things don’t make themselves new and exciting – we have to author them. We have to first see what is and then choose to improve it. Attention and intention – see it, change it. And change it by asking the power question, “What could make this better?”

Some Real Life Situations

Your job – You know you have certain things that have to get done; you have job expectations. But what other things could you do, offer, suggest or implement? What collaborations could you start with others to customize your role and add new energy to what you do? How could one little change activate a greater level of energy and interest in the workplace for you?

Your family life – you have the things you have to get done – laundry, meals, maintenance, homework, shuttling kids to events – the list goes on. But how might you change any of them to be more exciting, to make it an adventure or to do something way out of the ordinary? What if dinners were a time to learn what and how other cultures eat – or getting chores done were redefined as a competition about both speed and accuracy – or if every ride in the car to a sports practice or activity included storytelling to expand imaginations and make the time go by? How could one little change activate a greater level of energy and interest at home?

Your kids – you have unique and amazing kids that could use some one-on-one time to help them feel special, validated and understood. I know a family with four kids – and each one has one day each month with the dad or the mom just to be alone together – doing things they both really care about. Think of the connection this creates. What can make your relationship better with your kids?

Your holidays – holidays are getting closer and with that comes the opportunity to do what you always do or to reinvent things to be different, better or more exciting. Who could you invite? What new tradition do you want to start? What will be a holiday hallmark unique to your family? Every aspect of the holidays is open for reinventing what you want to make them special.

It’s all your choice

So you see, you can choose anything in your life – anything about health, work, family, community, homework, activities, faith, etc – and ask the question, “What could make this better, or make it new and different?” Attention and intention. See it and choose to make it better.

Tired of the same old, same old? Then it is up to you to change it. Help your kids and fellow employees learn to ask the question “what could make this better?” to make a better workplace, household, community and world. This is how to be ready for life.