Music and Entertainment Career, With Steven Beer

Is Your Kid Considering A Music and Entertainment Career? With Steven Beer – RFL016

Considering A Music and Entertainment Career? – Episode Overview

So maybe you think your kid is so amazingly cute that she or he should be in commercials. Or, like Justin Bieber and some of the other current music stars who were found from their YouTube videos, that your kid has the most amazing voice, dance moves or can recite classic Shakespearian poetry with the right accent.

Do you encourage or discourage them? Let’s say they are passionate about this and are good at it. Now what? What are the possibilities and where do you go for help?

Thoughts about our kids being in the music and entertainment field can be emotionally charged – we see some success stories, but more stories of child stars who lost the balance. Is this a good career and can our kids be successful, happy and responsible in it? The short answer is yes.

Attention and Intention

Each episode we talk about attention and intention. Today, our attention is on looking at our future – ours and our kids. Our intention is to look at the entertainment industry as a possible career path for our kids and to determine how to support, guide and coach them if they express an interest and demonstrate an ability in the performance arts, visual arts, music arts or literary arts.

Meet our guest Steven C. Beer

Music and Entertainment Career Attorney Steven BeerSteven C Beer is an attorney in the firm of Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell and Vassallo, a firm that focuses on film, television and music matters.  He represents industry-leading music and film production, film finance, and film distribution companies and serves as counsel to numerous award-winning writers, directors, producers, and multi-platinum musical artists. He is also the father of 3 boys, 2 of whom have had careers or opportunities as children in the entertainment world, thereby expanding his perspective as both attorney and stage parent. Steven is the author of the newly released book, Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment.

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Episode’s Key TakeAWays

  1. There is a renaissance in the music and entertainment field – there is a low cost of entry because of digital medial. This not only creates great growth in the field but creates greater ways for kids to be part of it.
  2. You and your kids discover your career paths as you follow your interests. If you or your kids are considering entertainment or music, pay attention to what draws you/them to it. Many times their love for the field may bring them to performing – it may also introduce them into the fields that support performers. This includes backstage, representation, production, casting and talent management and many other possibilities. Challenge your child to be fully aware of all of the careers connected to music and entertainment.
  3. Listen to your kids. What is their level of interest in which direction do they want? Watch that this is your kid’s dream, not yours.
  4. Critical to the success of the child in this field is the ability to create and maintain balance and objectivity. A parent’s role is to ensure that the important life events (like learning, school, health, etc) are maintained if the child is involved in roles that take them out of the conventional growing up process.
  5. The field is complicated and the best way to know how to help your son or daughter who expresses an interest is to understand the field and to engage the help of industry professions. Watch for talent and passion.
  6. Don’t make your kid’s career/success/fame about you.
  7. This is a highly competitive business and rejection is part of the process. Be sure your child can handle this environment.
  8. Stage or Professional parents need to stay close in assisting and in managing their child’s career. Though they should use industry professionals, they should always be involved and not pass full ownership to their child or to the industry professional.

Some question for parents:

  1. What do your kids seem to stop and notice – what interests do they have?
  2. Ask your kids how does this career/direction fit into what they want for their lives?
  3. What do you talk about when your child expresses an interest in music and entertainment?
  4. Does your child have both ability and passion to be in the entertainment and music? Do they independently grow practice and learn without parental pushing? Can they handle rejection?
  5. What time and ability do you have to support a child whose career will have them on the road?
  6. Check out the video that addresses many of parents’ questions:

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Stop and Notice Challenge

Each week we ask you to stop and notice – to develop your skill of tuning in to you and your world. This week’s stop and notice challenge is:

  • Stop and Notice what you are passionate about. How does it show up for you?
  • Stop and notice what your kids are passionate about? How does it show up for them?
  • Stop and notice the successes and failures of those who are in and have been in the music and entertainment industry. What can you learn from this?
  • Stop and notice what careers other than performing exist in the music and entertainment industry.

Get educated on how to support a child that has an interest in the music and entertainment industry. The arts augment and add great value to our lives. Help your child be sure this industry is for him/her, and will be part of their definition of a great and happy life.

Suggested Resource

Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment by Steven C Beer

Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment by Steven C Beer MovieIn today’s competitive society, parents face great pressure to encourage their children to follow their dreams and strive for excellence. Organized in a practical question-and-answer format, Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment: The Prudent Parent’s Guide raises and addresses many of the issues parents encounter when seeking to turn their children’s creative passion and talent into a sustainable career in entertainment. Topics include:

  • Knowing which professionals to consult and when
  • Finding and preparing for auditions
  • Dealing with the financial aspects
  • Understanding statutory and regulatory legal protections for children
  • Creating balance for the whole family

Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment Career by Steven C Beer

Most importantly, maintaining a child’s health and happiness is underlined throughout. Drawing on author Steven Beer’s extensive contacts in the industry, the book quotes the personal experiences of industry players, stars and their parents, and veteran sources. This indispensable guide will help parents ensure that their children are instilled with morals and values that will make them not just good performers, but good people, capable of becoming responsible adults who will run their own careers someday.