Living Life Your Way in an RV

Living and Loving Life Your Way with Kimberly Travaglino RFL14

Living and Loving Life Your Way – Episode Overview

Kimberly-Travaglino-webToday we talk about living and loving life on our terms – and helping our kids do the same. This is hard work for parents as we feel we need to get our kids into the classic success model of work, house, family = happy. Instead, what if we were open to helping our kids discover whatever makes them happy and successful – and to support, guide and coach them in that Process. So, we connect with the suburban mom who, 5 years ago, decided to live her dream of spending all of her time together as a family, seeing the country. She sold the house, the cars and took her husband, 4 kids and 3 dogs on the road. Challenged by most everyone to shift back to living life in the “normal” way, Kimberly Travaglino holds fast on to living and loving life on her terms. Thrilled by the nomadic way of life in a 350 square foot trailer, she is courageous to go after her dream of sharing the learning and discovery of their world through the eyes of her kids – everyday, all day. The greatest gift we have in life is choice – are you living the life you choose, or are you pushed around by those who tell you how life is supposed to be.

Maybe living in an RV is not your idea of adventure, but look at the courage, clarity and commitment it took to reinvent life their way? How can this family inspire and engage you to find and live life on your terms?

Attention and Intention

This week, our attention is on how we live life – and our intention is that we have the courage to build it, create it, invent it and live it in a way that gives us our greatest joy and connects us to our greatest purpose.

Meet our guest Kimberly Travaglino

Wife to Chris, roadschool mom to four exuberant kiddos, author, Radio Show Personality, Blogger, Editor In Chief and digital gypsy at Fulltime, she just moved her life from the house to the road. She shares that her nomadic spirit may challenge what her parents and siblings think of her approach to life, but as you will hear in the podcast, this is one clear, happy, connected and living the dream person. As she shares, the Traveling Travaglinos have lived everywhere. Tune in to hear her story and may it inspire the courage in you to go out and live life your way.

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Episode’s Key Takeaways:

  1. Don’t let the world tell you how to live. Though the world will try to influence your decisions, create a clear vision of what a great life is for you. Solicit ideas from your kids. As a family, talk about what amplifies life. Learn to hear and trust your own voice.
  2. Life is an adventure. Build adventures into your days – to connect your kids to dreaming and living their dreams. Notice and connect with your world – it has a lot to share about life.
  3. Invent as you go. Have a general plan and then ad-lib as you go. Opportunities show up in the moment so tune in and see what life is sending you – then decide what you want to do next.
  4. Use every opportunity in life to help your kids learn about life. All situations can help our kids learn how to show up to their lives, in their way. Coaching and guiding them to build their own lives.
  5. Spend as much time with your kids as you can. Watch your kids experience the world – to appreciate its wonder and to be there to help explain, support and guide through the experiences.

Some question for parents:

  1. How do you help your kids dream about what is a great life for them?
  2. How do you create adventures to show your kids more and more of the world? With there expanded view comes expanded opportunities?
  3. What courage do you need to develop to change the things in your life that need changing – to help you love life more and live on your terms?
  4. How are you (and how do you help your kids) learn to be the owners of your own lives – to live it in a way that matters?

Stop and Notice Challenge

Each week we ask you to stop and notice – to develop your skill of tuning in to you and your world. This week’s stop and notice challenge is:

  1. Stop and Notice one thing you would love to have in your life but don’t. What is stopping you from going after this or making a change?
  2. Stop and Notice what your kids think a great life is – or a life that is lived on their terms. Help them dream, invent and imagine. What can you do to help them start to discover and go after their best life?
  3. Stop and Notice someone who is courageously living their dreams. What can you learn from them so this becomes your approach?

Find your voice. Live life on your terms. Be courageous. Teach your kids to go out and live life like it matters, building in adventures and living their dreams. We seem to need permission to go out and live our lives – what if the only permission you needed was your own voice – and that your kids learned how to develop and trust their voices.

Suggested Resource – Companion App

companion-app-alert-modeIt’s 11:30 p.m. and you’re walking home alone from the library. You’ve heard that some areas are unsafe. You think about texting a roommate to let her know that you’re on your way back, but decide not to because it really isn’t that far of a walk. Besides, this wouldn’t exactly be of help if you ran into trouble. Instead, you just hope that no one will bother you.

Now however, Companion, a free app developed by five University of Michigan students, gives that friend you reached out to the ability to actively participate in ensuring your safety.

Companion is simple to use. You plug in your destination and choose any number of contacts as your “Companions.” Your friends or family don’t need to have the app to watch and stay with you.

Should your phone’s already built-in sensors pick up anything suspicious — for instance, if you’ve detoured from your path, start running, or fall — the app notifies your “Companion” and gives them the option of asking, “Are You Okay?” You then have 15 seconds to respond with “I Am Okay” before an alarm is triggered on your phone to scare off any potential attacker or notify your companions.

  • If you feel unsafe at any time, you can also press an “I Feel Nervous” button that alerts your contacts, which can include your local police or 911.
  • It still requires great attention as we (or our kids) move through life, but an app like this can give all of us some additional sense of security and support.
  • The app is free and you can download it on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.