Ready For Life, An Introduction To The Podcast And Tools, With Jay Forte and Dara Feldman – RFL001

Episode Overview

Ready For Life CEO, Jay Forte PhotoJay Forte, President of The Greatness Zone and Founder of the Ready4Life site and process, introduces the direction, purpose, tools and value of the new Ready4Life Podcast.

In this episode, he presents his overview in two segments. The first segments summarizes the value and highlights of the Podcast. In the second segment, he connects with the educator and educational consultant, Dara Feldman, for a powerful discussion about how our young adults can be successful in today’s world.

Parents are invited to listen in and participate in this weekly podcast to encourage increased discussion with their young adults about how to make good life choices – and to be ready for life.

Episode Highlights

In this episode, Jay shares the following:

  • Ready4Life came out of his teaching college students, and raising his 3 daughters – that most of today’s young adults are not self or world aware enough to build a happy and successful life.
  • The team at Ready4Life is passionate about sharing how to help young adults learn how to discover, develop and live their greatest abilities – to learn how to build their lives around what they do best.
  • The podcast will host weekly thought leaders and other guests, specifically addressing the issues that today’s young adults and their parents have.
  • The podcast will offer a “Notice Challenge” – this is a weekly challenge to get everyone more aware – to stop and notice things to expand what they see and therefore consider for their lives. Practice encourages greater successs.
  • The podcast will always highlight a hot job or hot field – to show today’s young adults the range of opportunities available to them, but that may be just out of the conventional view.
  • The podcast will always share a resource – something important to watch, read or connect with.

Ready For Life With Dara Feldman, photoReady For Life Interview With Dara Feldman

In the segment of the podcast with Educator Dara Feldman, you will learn powerful things around supporting our kids, tapping into our unique abilities, treasuring our differences, trusting our inner voice and owning our lives.

Listen together with your parents or with your teens. Then ask these questions:

  • How will we make time to listen to this podcast each week and then commit to talking about or acting on what we hear in it?
  • What things light up for you – what gets your attention, what appeals to you and what are you interested in? Talk about the responses.
  • Think ahead some years (college age or post college). Imagine what you will be doing then – what is it? How did you get ready to be doing this? What help do you need to make this happen?

Stay connected with Ready4Life

Connect with Educator and Educational Consultant Dara Feldman


  • Rob McBride

    Terrific information for youngsters to get a leg up on life. Thanks to Jay and Dara for their wonderful information!

    • Thanks Rob – stay tuned for more great info – for anyone with kids – at any age. Excited to have you review on Amazon!

  • Dawn Bossaller

    Jay, this is wonderful information, not just for our young folks, but all of us “adults” as well. Keep up the great work and thank you so much for sharing this wisdom. It is priceless!!!!

    • Thanks Dawn – more great things coming to in the next episodes. Excited to have your review on iTunes!

  • Rob McBride

    Love the Ready 4 Life series. Terrific information from Jay Forte and special guests!