Sing your Song

Find Your Song, Sing it Loud

What in today’s world gets your attention? What are your passions, interests and dreams? When you know these, part of the world lights up for you. This is important information – information that helps your find your place in today’s wild world.

It is up to you to determine what in life fits you. And when you find it, do it well. This is what it means to find your song – then sing your song and sing it loud.

So how do you find your song and sing it loud?

Stop and notice what gets your attention. Stop and notice what gets you excited. This is your world talking to you. Then, investigate what opportunities you find in those areas.

Here are 2 examples:

  1. Let’s say you love art. You like to spend your time creating it, seeing it, talking about it; art is for you. How can you build art into your life? What careers need your focus on art (design, creation, type of media)? Remember that organizations need designers for products, marketing, IT, facilities – there is art everywhere.
  1. Let’s say you love connecting with people. You crave social events, find great enjoyment talking to everyone and learn a lot about people when you meet them. How can you build social connections in your life? What careers need your social connection expertise? Remember that any role that connects with people such as HR, marketing, event planning, health services including rehab and physical therapy, etc – could be for you.

To find your song, stop and notice what lights up for you. Then, pay attention to the places that connect you to this passion or interest; they will allow you to connect with something that matters to you. From that place you can seek out opportunities that also align to your abilities and talents.

And when you find what matters most to you, show up big to it. After all, it’s your thing so showing up big should be easy for you.

A word of caution:

The world around you likes to tell you what your song should be. It is critical that you discover it for you to find which song is really yours. You’ll sing off key if you are busy singing someone else’s song (aka living someone else’s life).

Take the time and get the guidance to be clear about what is your song. Find it. Then sing it loud.