Stay Fit – Keep Moving

We are both blessed and cursed with our technology. Never before have we had such immediate access to information to make our lives better. Amazing. Our world is so much larger now – so many more options, possibilities and opportunities for us.

We are also cursed by the amount of time we sit in front of our technology. Whether gaming, reading, emailing or using other applications, we know we are becoming more and more sedentary – inactive. This isn’t good. Our brains are infinitely more active but our bodies are turning to mush.

Exercise and Nutrition

So, to ensure we keep a great container for our brilliant growing minds, we need to look at exercise and nutrition, particularly as summer arrives. Though with the better weather in most of the states we should ideally be more active, our technology is like a lasso that pulls us back to our devices, instead of releasing us out to the hills, beaches, woods or yards. The only way release the lasso is to intentionally release it – to build a plan to stay fit by continuing to move.

Ways to Keep Moving and Stay Fit

  • Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier each day and do a 30-minute walk, run or exercise routine.
  • Create an activity plan by week. Choose an activity you like, want to improve in or always wanted to try. Engage a friend to join you to keep you both committed and accountable.
  • Start a family activity to turn off your devices and get outside. Find a park, caves, beach, bike trails, nature trails or other outdoor activity-based environment to have fun, stay connected as a family and be active.
  • Create a garden – it provides the activity in its creation and maintenance and rewards you with fresh, organic vegetables. You get fed at every level with a garden.

You know the stats – your decisions about food, exercise and activity affect your health. Eat junk and limit your activities and you’ll feel it. You can’t do well if you don’t feel well.

It is up to you – and to your family – to adopt a holistic perspective with health and wellbeing. Commit to staying fit this summer – keep moving. And then use what you learn to keep your focus on exercise, nutrition and wellbeing as vacation ends and everyone returns to work, school and life.

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