amazing new year

The 3 Words That Will Help You Have The Most Amazing New Year

So, a new year is here. How lucky are we to be here in this moment, anticipating an amazing new year. After all, your thoughts create your reality so with the arrival of a new year, think big.

How do you help yourself and your family show up to a new and open slate – filled with as many or as few opportunities as you want to bring to it – filled with as many or as few successes as you want to create? How do you look at a new year as a blank canvas, waiting for you to create your masterpiece – your year of amazingness?

My dad taught my 5 siblings and me a process to welcome the new year in – one that I still do and share with my coaching clients. Simple to use, it is a great way to get intentional in a new year or in any period of change. To make it work you only need to remember 3 simple words, Review, Rethink, Respond.

First, we were reminded as kids, Review what happened in the year that just finished – in other words, tune in and notice the details of what you have been through.

  • What worked and didn’t work well?
  • What were your greatest successes?
  • What were your greatest lessons?
  • How did you change and improve in the year?
  • How did you get a better understanding of who you are, what you are good at and what fits you in life?
  • What made you happy or sad?
  • What do you wish you would have done less of, more of?

Gathering information is the first step to becoming intentional about building your new year. Stop and notice you – and all that you remember. With the information we are ready to Rethink. Rethink what COULD happen this year – do more of what worked well, look for change in areas that didn’t go well. Imagine and visualize your wishes, dreams and opportunities – create a life of possibilities.

  • If you could show up to life in the way that you want, what great things will you dream up, invent, achieve and work towards this year?
  • What will improve this year over last year?
  • What will you continue to develop from last year?
  • What successes from last year will drive success this year?
  • When this year is over and you are celebrating how this year was happy and successful for you, what would have happened for you to think this?

With so many more options now in mind, select the one(s) that you want to implement and Respond. This means build a plan and go make it happen.

  • What is on your daily, weekly, monthly to-do list to move you ahead on what you want to do, learn about, grow into, develop or achieve?
  • What help do you need to get it done?
  • Who needs your help to advance their progress?
  • How is this helping you to tap into your greatness and to help you add value and make a difference in all you do?
  • Who are you becoming?

Review, Rethink, Respond. Three easy words to approach any situation (new school year, new job, new relationship, whatever). Review what your old behaviors or results shared with you. Use that information to Rethink what is possible, then choose wisely and Respond by building an intentional plan to work towards your 2016 goals. Use these to create an amazing new year – an exceptional 2016.

May you have an abundant new year, filled with opportunities that let you grow into your greatest self and to deliver to the world what you do and love best.