The College Camp

The College Camp

How to Succeed in College and Beyond

What is The College Camp? The College Camp is a program built for high school juniors and seniors – to learn how to discover and develop their talents, to determine if college is for them, and if so, how to choose it wisely, know how to apply and how to use the college experience to be ready for and successful in life.

Some Alarming Statistics:

  • 46% of students who start college, never finish.
  • On average, a 4-year degree takes just under 6 years to complete.
  • Average student loan debt at graduation is over $28,000.

Participating In The College Camp

Online Programs

When not near live events, students and parents can participate in the online College Camp, supported by a live question and answer period, hosted by a College Camp coach.

Easy, flexible and robust – to help you get ready to develop a sound, deliberate and intentional focus about going to college.

Online program previews are being created – stay tuned…

For Parents For Students

Live programs

the College Camp Notre DameLThe College Camp Greenhill SchoolivThe College Camp More Coming Soone programs are co-hosted with a sponsoring college or high school. The program is hosted on campus and connects students with the Admissions and Career Development Teams from the college. Students have the opportunity to tour the campus, meet faculty and students and expand what they know and discover about college as part of the live college camp.

Students: Know Yourself, Know Your World, Find Your Fit

Is college for you?

You should ask yourself these questions:

  1. What industry or career gets my attention?
  2. Does this industry or career require, or do I want, a college education?
  3. Do I know what college costs and how I can afford it?

If yes, then

Be ready to answer these questions:

  1. What should I study to be prepared for the career or industry I want?
  2. Which colleges have the right environment, culture, courses and learning/career opportunities to help me achieve my goals and get me ready for a successful life?
  3. What do Admissions Offices require and what should I be doing now to be a good admissions candidate?

Lots of questions. But here is some help getting the answers:

Why you should participate in College Camp:

  • You learn how to discover your core abilities, talents, passions and interests.
  • You learn how to connect your core abilities to careers or industries so you can decide if college will be part of your future.
  • If college is for you, you learn how to become a good admissions candidate and how to choose a college that fits you and your goals
  • You learn how to maximize your college experience and opportunities to be ready for life.

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Parents: Help Your Teens Know Themselves, Know Their World, Find Their Fit

Some questions for you:

Is your student clear of what direction to head in after high school?

Do you know how to help your student assess the purpose, value and expectations of college?

Do you know what to expect in selecting and applying to college?

Do you know how to support your student to be successful once in college?

Lots of questions. Need Answers?

Introducing the How To Help Your Teen Get Ready For College audio program

Enroll in the “How To Help Your Teen Get Ready For College” Audio Program

  • You will be guided by a family and career coach who has been helping his own family and hundreds of other parents and students in how to think wisely and intentionally about college.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to use the college preparation process as a way to build a stronger relationship with your teen.
  • What it takes for students to be ready for and to be successful in college.
  • Self- and world-awareness tools to help you guide and support your teen to discover his/her talents, strengths, passions and interests and how to become aware of today’s best career and workplace opportunities.
  • Questions to ask your teen to increase your conversation about careers, talents, colleges and life directions.
  • Guidance on how to connect to additional resources, programs or one-to-one coaching if desired.

Enroll Now – It’s FREE

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Become A Partner: Launch A College Camp At Your Location

Help Your Own School Launch The College Camp

  • Change how your students think about “What’s Next?” after high school.
  • Learn how to teach the content of The College Camp to your students.
  • Contact Jay Forte for more information.

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