The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity, with Robyn Stratton-Berkessel – RFL006

The Power of Positivity – Episode Overview

RSB Resized to 400 by 600 approxRobyn Stratton-Berkessel, positivity strategist, author, coach and TEDx speaker joins Jay in a practical conversation about shifting our attitude to a positive one and the benefit it has in all aspects of our work and life. Seeing life from an optimistic and can-do perspective creates greater opportunities throughout life.

What you focus on grows. So focus on the positive and you attract and invite more positive in to your world. The same goes with the negative. So be aware of when life’s frustrations start to get you down, disappointed and worn out. At these moments, choose to reframe your thinking to something more positive and optimistic. Your opportunities and possibilities will immediate increase.

Optimism and positivity are not buzzwords of some feel-good movement. These are the building blocks of creating lives of happiness and success. Think how hard it is to do anything well when you are angry, negative or down. Think how much more successful you feel when you are positive, engaged and inspired. Because when you feel good, you do good.

As you change your attitude – and become more positive – you change how you look at the world. Different things come into view. You can’t see the opportunities when you focus on the lack of opportunities. A more positive attitude expands what you see, consider and therefore can choose – this is a more productive way to get ready for life.

Take away messages for students and parents:

  1. You control your attitude and outlook. Focus on a positive one to improve your experiences with work and life.
  2. Be supportive and kind with others – it brings out the best in them.
  3. When you feel good, you do good.
  4. Though there is so much negative in our world, develop the habit to stop and notice the positive. Notice how much better you feel when your attitude and approach is positive and optimistic. Notice how the world around you is different, calmer and happier. The more you do this, the more you rewire your brain to see things more optimistically.
  5. Notice your positive abilities – what do you do best? This start to notice the places in life that need what you do best. You improve the positivity and quality of your life when you connect to the places in life that allow you to use your best and most positive qualities.

Connect with Robyn Stratton-Berkessel:

Stop and Notice Challenge

This segment is about noticing your world – about stopping and noticing – about slowing down enough to intentionally see what is in front of you. Most of us don’t do this. This takes practice; this takes effort. We know that the more we practice at things, the better we become – it is the same with stopping and noticing. So, each week I’ll provide a Stop and Notice Challenge – to help you get better.

When you learn to be more intentional about what you notice, you have access to information you didn’t previously have – that information can give you greater clarity to help you make better decisions. Notice YOU. Notice YOUR WORLD. You’ll learn a lot about both.

This week we focus on positivity and how having a positive attitude creates greater opportunities for you to choose from as you get ready for life.

  1. Stop and notice when you are down, negative or pessimistic.
  2. What do you seem to focus on?
  3. How does the world, your school, home or other situations feel?
  4.  Get good at stopping and noticing when you are negative and how it feels.
  5. Then, stop and notice when you positive, upbeat and optimistic.
  6. Now what do you seem to focus on
  7. How does the world, your school, home or others situations feel?
  8.  How are you different and what do you see more of when you are more optimistic and positive?

Get good at stopping and noticing your attitude – it can help you see when you need to move your negative attitude to a more positive attitude. This improves everything in and around you.

Notice ‘Hot Jobs’

Each week, I’ll share a job that caught my eye – a job that is growing in need and popularity. I’ll share some details about the job, like salary, education, core responsibilities and abilities needed to do the job well. You can then see whether it fits your abilities and your interests.

This week’s Hot Job:

Ready4Life Hot JobsRetail – a place for a positive and upbeat attitude

  • Average salary: $9 – 13/hour

Retail can be a starting job, a fill-in job or a full career. Retail is still one of the fastest growing industries, which means there is likely a strong possibility for work. Consider retailers who sell products that connect with something that is important to you – something that you like to be around or are passionate about – food, fashion, electronics, furnishing, or others.
To be successful in retail requires great personal connection. This is more about who you are than what you learn. Sure you can learn some great ways to support customers and provide good service, but what brings customers back is how you treat them. So, attitude is critical. Here are some of the core behaviors that drive success in this role – be supportive, genuine, respectful, genuine, responsive, open-minded, engaging, fun-loving, friendly and upbeat. You know how this feels when you have someone who has these attributes connect with you.

Great retailers to work for are Bloomingdales, Costco, H&M, Sephora, William Sonoma, Office Depot, Best Buy, J Crew, Banana Republic, Gap and Target

Be sure you connect your career aspirations with things you are both good at and passionate about. Focus on what fits you. Listen to your own voice.

Suggested Resources

This week’s recommended resource is the mobile app Scholly

Created by Christopher Gray, the son of a single mom, who was able to locate 1.3 million in school aid, Scholly’s adaptive matching engine helps you find scholarships that you qualify for in seconds – its perfect for high school, undergrad and grad students. And every response  it provide for you, you are eligible for.

So much of the available resources for college go unused each year. This app is a way for students and parents to find free money to pay for college. The app is .99 and is for iPhone or Android.

Check out their website at

Article of the Week

And be sure to review the article, Not Enough Hours In A Day? Spend More Time Helping Others. A great article about service and managing your time. Stay connected to the great information on the website.

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Key People To Follow:

  • Tom V Morris – Philosopher, Consultant to Fortune 100 companies, wise man
  • Britt Hysen – Editor in Chief of MiLLENiAL – lifestyle and cultural magazine highlighting millennials’ contribution to today’s world.
  • SethGodin– Marketing Guru and wise blogger – constant information about showing up and doing great things at work and in life.
  • John Spence – Leadership expert and world-renowned educator of big ideas

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